About us


This page which you are currently reading is the page where you can find out more about the people behind the adult website reviews of the BESTPAYPORNSITES.ORG. We like to write, that’s true, and we are quite certain that you like what we write for you! But, do you know who we are and what exactly is what we do to? We are not just fake-writers, who put together fake, irrelevant and dishonest reviews from only the outside. No, we are digging deep, bring to light the good and the bad, then make a review out of it. All for your satisfaction, and for the sake of your bank account! You can have fun with us, and also save money with us. Let us tell you how this is done.


We have a complex reviewing process, which needs experts of different fields. There aren’t just writer and copy-writers in our team. This mixed collective of people consists of women and men, coming from the age range of 25-45 years. Thus we also represent the average of currently active web-users and porn watchers. We all have our life, some of us has families, descendants, while some of us are lone wolf and live their lives differently. What we have in common is our passion to give, and our love for pornography. Don’t imagine that we are sex-crazed fools though. We love good porn, with beautiful models, good sex shot in neat style. The adult entertainment arena is much more varied than you think: apart from guys banging girls, there are live cams, nude modeling and lots of hot softcore niches. This great variety gives us one of our most important goal: to provide you with a complete map of this industry, so you can spend your time and money on active, trustworthy, and quality pornographic websites. We have here all kinds of people, from common folks to highly educated professionals – this built grants our team a fine overview of the average porn users, that’s why may feel like we are reading your mind! This reviewing process features lots of lists. The first list our web-surfers create is the list of the newest and the most searched/demanded websites. On this list, we can see what the porn users are looking for, and what sites are the new comers of this field. We set our priorities, and we let the dogs out: our team members’ with the best communication skills are getting in touch with the site-owners, or the companies running them. As a common rule, it’s safe to state that sites which are not hiding anything, and are true to their claims send us credentials to be able to log in, and start inspecting the website. When we got the responds – we usually wait a few days, until then we work on previously listed sites – we create another list. Those who don’t made to this list are either scam sites, or have lousy service – these websites usually receive negative points, and only a quick outsider’s review. The rest of the job is the research and the writers’ job: everyone does her/his best to explore the site, test the features, the videos and the photos, others are trying the customer service, research the affiliate program. We usually consider Page Ranks and the Domain Authority, and we always look up the information about the site’s background (company, studios, owners, etc.) After all information is collected, the writers create the reviews, all of us checks, them then if they are approved, we publish them.


So, this is what we do, and who we are. Hopefully you needed this kind of information about us. Porn is our passion, reviewing is our job, and helping you to find the best is the most important thing for all of us. If you have anything you would like to ask, get in touch with us.